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Being conceived and designed to satisfy all the requirements of medium to heavy duty storage, SUPERBUILD is the answer to modern pallet racking requirements, of rapid assembly, coupled with high strength and stability at a very competitive price.

SUPERBUILD is available in three different rack frame load options, varying from 7.5 up to 15 tons, and interchangeable with the heavy duty UNIBUILD series. The closed design of the metal racking frame upright provides a stronger section than that of the standard open "C"-profiles used by other manufacturers providing metal racking solutions. The frames are made from prime quality, certified, high tensile hot dipped galvanized steel (SENDZIMIR procedure), thus ensuring a high level of durability. The beams are profiled sections with quadruple flange thickness at points of maximum stress for high loading capability. The grooves on top of the beams are used to locate modular heavy duty steel shelf panels, pallet support bars and drum cradles for the storage of non palletized or special goods. The adjustment of beams at intervals of 50mm facilitates optimum use of space available.

All METALSISTEM pallet racking series are perfectly suitable for PUSH-BACK installation, providing increased usage flexibility and pallet accessibility across both tunnels and storage levels in height in all warehouse environments.

Stability, storage density, low maintenance cost, ease of use, are all but a few of the outstanding features of this application.
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METALSISTEM provides the most compact trolley based pushback system available on the market today.

After more than 30 years production, we value greatly the high level of trust that is placed in us by our customers and feel that it is proof of the quality of this product for all your warehouse metal racking needs.

For more information about METALSISTEM metal racking solutions, click here.

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